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Smartglasses that enhance your vision

 Our commitment to innovation sets us apart in the industry.

Replicating Human Accommodation  

Active lenses.

Our glasses are active devices that mimic the natural accommodation of the human eye. How? With our proprietary lens-in-foil technology, utilizing liquid crystals. With the push of a button, a small electric current activates the liquid crystal, instantly changing the refraction of light. In just 0.6 seconds, you can switch your focus from near to far with ease.

Experience Morrow glasses

Experience Morrow glasses
at a partner optician. 

Less blurry

Better Vision Every Day

Our innovative autofocals expand your field of view and reduce aberrations. Imagine driving with a full panoramic vision, watching TV from the sofa without straining your eyes, playing golf with clear and crisp views, biking on scenic routes, or safely walking down the stairs. With our innovative autofocals, you can navigate the world with ease and confidence.

Traditional multifocals


The Impact of an Electronic

Activate our electronic lens and experience a wider reading zone, perfect for comfortably reading small print in low-contrast environments. Ideal for long reading sessions, or when you need to decipher a doctor's handwriting. Our technology ensures you can read with ease and comfort, no matter the situation.

Morrow off

Morrow on


  • High-quality prescription lenses featuring anti-reflective and hard coatings.

  • Innovative tunable liquid-crystal based lens with 0.75D/24mm optical boost.

  • Smartglasses with sleek and stylish appearance.

  • More than 2 days of battery life on a single charge.

  • Waterproof rating of IP68.

Effortless Control, Easy Experience

Our progressive smart glasses feature a user-friendly interface with simple touch-button controls. With a quick charge time of less than 30 minutes using the included USB cable, you can enjoy an average autonomy of over 2 days. Even if the battery runs out, our glasses remain fully functional in critical situations. Stay connected and engaged with ease, no matter where life takes you.

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