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See if Autofocals Are Ideal for You.

Discover who benefits most from our Autofocal Glasses and reduced aberrations. Check out our list of customer profiles and situations. 

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New to multifocals

If you are a novice multifocal wearer looking for a solution that matches your active lifestyle and tech-savvy needs,  our product stays close to single vision glasses that you are already familiar with.



If you spend a lot of time working on a computer screen or doing tasks that require intermediate vision, our glasses are designed for you. They provide a full field of view from 2m and below and a boost for reading fine print. Enjoy a seamless experience in your work, whether you're a doctor, architect, banker, technician, or graphics engineer.

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Unsatisfied progressive users

If you've tried progressives before but can't seem to adjust, our autofocal glasses might be the solution you need. Our glasses mimic the single vision glasses while offering the benefits of multifocals. No more unsightly lines or carrying multiple glasses around.

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If you are an active person who enjoys spending time outdoors and with family, and engaging in hobbies, your glasses should be up to par. Did you know that if your prescription is higher than 2.5D, the risk of tripping and falling is twice as high? With our glasses, you can enjoy a much safer and rejuvenated vision.

Ask us for advice 

Find an optician near you or ask one of our Morrow specialist for advice.

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